Doveton - A Brief History
ISBN 0-646-14565-7 - published in 1993
After the Second World War, industries established east of Dandenong, near the rail line and on the main road. The post war immigration program to populate Australia would provide the skilled and unskilled labour force for industry. The migrants were then principally European. To provide low cost housing for the workforce of the establishing local industries, the Housing Commission developed a housing estate nearby, which became known as Doveton. Part of the proposed area for development was reserved for private housing.

This account of the history of Doveton is compiled from published and contemporary sources, as well as first hand accounts. It includes land occupation and use before European settlement. Even so, it is a small part of the story of Doveton.

Copies of this book may be purchased for $2.oo (Australian) from the Doveton Library, Autumn Place Doveton VIC 3177 Australia. Phone +61 3 9792-9497, or by contacting the author by email.

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