Onward ever, backward never
The Life of Elsie and Erskine Gilmour
ISBN 0-9581102-0-4 - published in 2002
Elsie Ellen Birks married the man she loved and went with him and their son to drought-stricken Queensland, living for months at a time in a tent by a waterhole. There were few white women in western Queensland at the end of the 19th century and isolation can break even the strongest will. On their own land near Gilgandra in NSW she had to be decisive, resourceful and quick to act. She killed snakes and put out grass fires. When a foal tore its neck on barbed wire, Elsie stitched it up. Providing alone for them, she raised and educated seven children. Cunningly, she even caught a wanted criminal!

216 pages, 38 photos, 9 maps, 20 documents and 12 sketches.
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